A Day Long Retreat

with Barry Gillespie
Sunday, December 9, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Boulder, CO
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Living Fully, Loving Well
A New Year's Retreat

with David Chernikoff
Wednesday, Dec. 26 - Sunday, Dec. 30
Loveland, CO
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Recovering the Heart
A 3 Day Residential Meditation Retreat

with Terry Ray
Thursday, Jan. 17 - Sunday, Jan. 20
Estes Park, CO
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Metta: The Practice of Loving Kindness
A 4 Night Metta Retreat

with Barry Gillespie
Wednesday May, 29 - Sunday, June 2
Jamestown, CO
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The Seven Factors of Awakening
A 3 Night Vipassana Retreat

with Barry Gillespie
Thursday, Oct. 3 - Sunday, Oct. 6
Jamestown, CO
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